Visa-free shore excursions in St Petersburg

A visit to St Petersburg is worth planning in order to maximize your time in this incredible city. There is so much to see and we have several tour options available from which to choose. Each tour will provide you with visits to all of the main attractions.

As a cruise ship passenger, you will not need a visa. K Joy Travel will handle any of the required paperwork. We provide our customers with "Blanket Visas" which permit travellers to participate in a supervised tour. If you wish to tour independently, you will need to apply for a Russian Visa. For more details please click here.

Go at your own space

You may set a tour at your own space. It will let you walk at your speed, slowing down if needed or speeding up and experiencing as much as you possibly can.

Every tour is customizable

The tours we offer are flexible, just like all the services that K Joy Travel provides! Our tours of St. Petersburg cover all the major attractions of our noble city and and will immerse you in the history, art, culture and traditions of the Russian people. The city has an abundance of historical sites, but we hope to introduce you to the modern St Petersburg as well. Because there is so much to experience, we look forward to customizing your tour for you. Our goal is to make you happy with respect to your time, budget and vacation goals. Send us an email we can't wait to begin planning your St Petersburg vacation!

5% discount for cash payment

You will get 5% discount from the price you may see on the website for cash payment

Personalized service

We provide personalized services, allowing questions and an exchange of ideas.

The final tour is always based upon discussions and personal interactions with you. We respect your input and we are always open to your ideas and suggestions. Remember – this is your vacation and your tour. Making you happy and satisfied is our most important priority!

No cancellation fees

You may cancel the tour up to a day without penalty

Wide range of tours

We have big range of tours for any gourmet. From 1 to 5 day tours, land traveller’s tours as well as shore excursions, package tours and single excursions, tours in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Pskov and Novgorod etc. We invite you to enjoy time with K Joy Travel!

Our guides

Your tour guide will be local. Your guide will be officially licensed with a license from the State Association of St. Petersburg for tour guides and interpreters as well as special licenses from all the major museums in St. Petersburg. Your guide will be an expert both in History and Art History. Your guide will speak English perfectly. Our guides:
  • Nadezhda Kalistratova
  • Elena Krivtsova
  • Kseniya Gurova
  • Kseniya Belous
  • Catherine Romanyuk
  • Catherine Murer
  • Yana Osetrova
  • Irina Chulkova

  • Our drivers

    Our customers enjoy their personalized and chaperoned tours in the comfort of a chauffeured private car. Your driver will be professional, experienced and courteous. We only work with drivers with whom we have determined to be safe and competent. We offer door-to-door transportation service. Enjoy your tour in fresh air and comfort of new air-conditioned German and Japanese cars.

    Pre-booked tickets

    We always book your tickets in advance to save time and the frustration of waiting in multiple lines. To high demand sites we offer special entrance privileges.

    A prompt reply

    You always get a prompt reply. We always answer within 12 hours.

    We offer private tours

    If you are on a private tour with K JOY Travel you save time! A private tour makes a big difference in terms of time and getting around. It is the best way to explore the city, moving at your own speed with your own private guide. It is easier to get around when you are not trying to coordinate the needs of an entire bus full of people. Both St. Petersburg and Moscow are very big cities and places of interest are spread far and wide. The only way to optimize your time is with a private tour. You will be able to see twice as much using a private tour rather than a large group excursion. By not doing a private tour you could miss out on so much of what the city has to offer.

    • Being in a small group you go to the head of the lines at most of the sites
    • You may change some things at will to suit your interests on the spot, while on a tour
    • You have the advantage of a knowledgeable guide who is there solely for the purpose of making sure you see and understand everything.
    • A private tour gives you an opportunity to talk to the guide and ask individual questions, something that was difficult in a 40 person group on other tours

    Experience Russia through the eyes of a local GUIDE with K JOY Travel!

    We understand that because of the language barrier it appears to be not feasible to do a tour on your own. St. Petersburg (SPB) is a very large city and places of interest are spread far and wide.

    Without knowing the city it is difficult to determine for yourselves what the most interesting would be to see and experience and how to get to most sites on your own.

    We offer the services of our professional English speaking tour guides

    • An expert in history, art history or both
    • Speaking perfect English
    • Professional
    • Certified by the State Association of St Petersburg Tour Guides and Interpreters and has licenses from all the major museums of the city
    • Has a love for, and an in-depth knowledge of, St Petersburg; including the history, architecture and daily life. We look forward to your questions.
    • Will adapt the tour to accommodate your needs and interests. We aim to provide you the best experience.
    • Willing to share ideas and provide insight to this dynamic city and it's people.
    • Always friendly and trustworthy
    This is what you will find in the service of K JOY Travel guides!

    Experience Russian roads with safe DRIVERS K JOY Travel offers!

    “Our driver was more a chauffeur. He always seemed to have the car where we needed it” – said many of our customers. And this is what you will experience with K JOY drivers.

    Imagine! A friendly, courteous driver, willing to help you. He is clean and dressed respectfully. He is a professional. He drives safely, slowly enough to take in the sites without being rude to other drivers. He lets you off within a minimum walking distance at the sites. He is knowledgeable about getting to the places. His car is clean and smoke free.

    There is a number of competent companies we've been working with for a longe time, enjoying our parnership.

    This is a driver you will have with K JOY Travel!

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