From listening to comments from our past customers and based on our own experience, we have created one to four day tours for you. The tours cover all the major sights of St Petersburg, its most interesting and famous attractions. Chances are, if you pick one of these tours, you will be very satisfied with your time in the city.

Half-day tours

Here you will find our most famous and desired museum tours: The State Hermitage Museum; Peterhof; and Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. These are all short half day tours that may be modified to meet your schedule and preference.

1 day tours

We have put together a most enjoyable 1 Day Tour package that covers the most famous sites of interest in St Petersburg. This will allow you to spend a fantastic day in our noble city with consideration to the location and timetables of each museum.

2 day tours

On this page, you will find three popular customized 2 Day St Petersburg Tours, which are our best sellers. Our customers have found that these 2 day tours cover the most visited of our St Petersburg landmarks.

3 day tours

To make your three days in "the Venice of the North" memorable, we have tailored our 3 Day Tour packages differently in order to customize the experience to your personal style and pace.

4 day tours

We have two different 4 Day Tours based on our experience and our customer reviews. Regardless of the one that you select, you will be immersed in the history, the culture, the arts and traditions of the Russian people.



Best 1 Day Tour of St.Petersburg 189$